Saturday, December 16, 2017

A Walk in the Woods in December

I know many of you love the winter season but we retired to Florida to enjoy the mild winters!


(Bending your neck all the way to look UP at the sky!)

We’ve been getting some cold nights but it’s in the 70s for highs this week so I hiked in shorts in December! I love it!

We saw lots of beautiful sights on our hike #48 on the Florida trails this week.


I’ll probably save a few photos for a mosaic.


We saw lots of little birds and even a flock of about 50 Chipping Sparrows!


The camera overexposed this pic but it’s still pretty neat to capture two Chipping Sparrows! (thanks hubby)


This pretty Dove posed for us!


And there were lots of these lemon yellow Palm Warblers.


I love this photo! (thanks hubby)

Lots of beauty when you take the time to stop and look around…


or look UP!

Have a fabulous weekend! Island with a palm tree

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

“Evergreen Swags”

My new favorite decoration! I usually buy a fresh evergreen wreath for my front door but this year I have swags!


I stopped at the Crossroads church nearby that has a Christmas tree lot this year and asked if they had simple wreaths. No, but they had an area with branches they had trimmed from the trees. So I asked if I could have some bare branches. He asked how many and I said, how about $10 worth!


Then I went inside to visit with the lady there and find out more about their mission to help those in Puerto Rico. The lady out front is from Puerto Rico and her family is still without electricity. It’s good that we continue to remember them in our prayers.


Next thing I knew, I had a garbage bag filled with freshly cut branches!

I placed one branch on top of the other and used a big wire twistie to hold them together. Then made a loop with a piece of wire and Voila! I grabbed a bow from another ‘project’ and it was done!


But I had more branches so I made another one for inside the door!


We have a glass door so most of the time during the day, our big door is open like this!


So it’s nice to have something pretty on each side!


Walk around…


Oh but I STILL had more so I put them in a big basket and placed a perfect pine cone from one of our hikes on top. PERFECT!


I wish I had ‘scratch and sniff’ on my photos so that you could smell the wonderful evergreen scent. Do you have some fresh greenery in your home this season?

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Pixies and Flocked Deer

I remember these cute little pixies in our decorations when I was a little girl.


So I’ve collected them over the years.


And this year, Hobby Lobby came out with some with the same sweet faces.


You can find them all over my house this month!


I’ve also loved the old fashioned deer and always make a little display of them in our entry.


Christmas brings back good memories of my childhood.


It’s fun to spend Christmas in Florida and we usually drive to the beach for the day. One year, I took a pixie with me!


I like to make a few new traditions as the years go by. Nothing stays the same, does it? It’s nice to hang on to our good memories but always be open to making new ones!

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

A Polar bear in Florida?

I don’t think so…but if you squint real hard and tilt your head a little to the right…


doesn’t this look a little like a polar bear?

No? Try again! heehee!

We DID see an Alligator on our recent hike to Blue Run in Dunnellon.


(it was a small one and far away)

We also saw a big bird fly by and land in the water plants.


We had trouble getting good photos but we are pretty sure it is an American Bittern.


This was very exciting for us because we’ve never positively identified one before!


It was a beautiful day for a hike! The highs were in the 70s!


It’s a little cooler here this weekend but still nice!

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Giveaway FUN and the Winner is….

First I would like to say a BIG thank you to Anne from Anne’s Phamily Blog.

I won her holiday giveaway and she sent me things she selected especially for me!


A beautiful tea cup and all kinds of wonderful teas for me to try!

The package was filled with pretty things, everything I love!


Thanks so much Anne! It actually got cooler here in Florida so I’ll enjoy a ‘hot cuppa’ today!

And the winner of MY Princess Sassy Pants book giveaway is Diane from Quilting is Blissful. She’ll get the new book, Tangled Twinkle in record time…she lives here in Florida!


Thanks to everyone who entered. I cherish all of the friendships I’ve made on my blog.

And I’m wishing you all

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Princess Sassy Pants & Co “Giveaway”

I am a fan and follower of Princess Sassy Pants and when she decided to reprint her book, Tangled Twinkle by Jane Lee Logan I ordered on the very first day!

And guess what? I ordered an extra book to GIVEAWAY here on my blog!


I’m going to make this a quick giveaway so that I can get the book in the mail pronto! So I’ll announce the winner on Friday morning!

It’s open to everyone! Just leave a comment (a sweet one would be best) and you will be entered!

You really should go and check her blog HERE!

And the link to order the books is HERE!

She has note cards and journals too but they are going fast so order them as soon as possible. She has special prices if you order a ‘bundle’!


(a sneak peek inside)

I appreciate all of you so much this holiday season. How encouraging to have so many special blog buddies!

Let’s start the holiday season with a

Fun Princess Sassy Pants Giveaway!!!

***Happy Holidays***

Monday, December 4, 2017

How many do you see?

How good are you at seeing the details?


How many windows do you see on the second floor?

How many doors do you see on that floor?


Is the Barber standing upstairs waiting to cut your hair?


I consider myself creative but I do not always see the details. And sometimes I need to see PROOF to believe.

My husband took one look and said, that door and those windows are not real. REALLY? (that’s MY response!!!) I had to get out and walk over and take MORE photos and then I still wasn’t 100% sure until I saw the photos on my computer! heehee!

Let’s look at a window ‘up close’!


What a cute little puppy and look…a bird is on the ledge!

Is that what YOU see?

Did you see a door and windows (and a puppy and a bird) or did you see plywood tacked up on the side of a building with scenes painted on them?


We’ve driven through Ridge Spring, SC many times but this was the  first time that we pulled into this parking lot to see this building up close. We stopped here to eat our picnic lunch and I’m so glad we did!


The library is across the street and I probably look that way when we drive through!


So do YOU see the details or wander through life with your head in the clouds like me?

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Why is the Sun so Bright?

We’re back in the Sunshine State! We had a wonderful trip and enjoyed being in the mountains. I love the view we have of the Blue Ridge Mountains and I probably took about 100 photos from our balcony. And we even had good weather while we were there.


(a ‘traveling’ pic, somewhere in Georgia)

But as we got close to home, I made a little list of ‘signs’ that we were almost home…

Great White Egrets in a pond

Banana Trees

Dolphin Mailbox

Puffy white clouds

80 degree temps

Flamingo yard ornaments

Green grass, green trees, green everything!

An Alligator Christmas decoration (in our neighborhood)

I’m busy getting things back in order and decorating a little as I go. I bought a few pixies at Hobby Lobby and can’t wait to make a little arrangement with them. I love the pretty things we surround ourselves with during the holidays. I saw lots of plaid in the stores and want to make a few things! So much to do! How about you?

Every time I went to Fletcher Park (near our condo in NC) I tried to get better photos of the ducks there.


Lots of twigs and branches in the way, which made it hard for my camera to ‘see through’ them and focus.


We saw lots of Hooded Mergansers.


Aren’t they the funniest birds?





and even Mallard Ducks.


Most of them time they were swimming together.


One big happy family!

We managed 4 hikes while we were there! The weather is perfect here in Florida now so we will be out on the trails soon. (highs in the 70s, lows 50s)

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll visit you soon! Sun

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