Monday, March 19, 2018

A Walk to the Pond at Sunset

We haven’t walked to the pond with our camera lately. And now that the sun is setting later, I can go after dinner. The light was really too low for good photos but that didn’t stop me from taking a few! lol


It’s a small pond surrounded by the gold course, with a few houses on the other side of the pond.


I saw the Canada Geese fly in while I was walking and they landed as far away from me as they could get!


Lots of Ring-Necked Ducks on the pond..


and other ducks. (that will remain nameless)


I loved this duck across the way. (I think it’s a hybrid Mallard)


Beauty in every direction and an amazing sunset!


A perfect evening to hike in shorts and a tee shirt!

It’s Florida!

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Critters Two by Two!

It’s amazing to see critters together….as in mating!


I was all set to take a photo of a Limpkin when another one flew in.


How embarrassing….look the other way!

And when we got home and looked at our photos of this Alligator….


low and behold, there were TWO! One on top of the other…oh my…let’s not zoom in on them!


We see LOTS of turtles and tortoises when we hike at Blue Run Park in Dunnellon.


Imagine our surprise to see this itsy bitsy baby right on the trail. Another hiker picked it up and let me take photos.


A pretty pair of wood ducks.

Lots of critters pairing up right now.

It’s Spring!

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Rabbit Paper Dolls and Beatrix Potter Books!

Don’t you love bringing out your favorite Spring things to decorate your home.

I’m not changing things out nearly as much as I used to….


keeping things simple and less cluttered.

But oh how I love my favorite things.


(most everything is vintage from the thrift store, the cloth bunny is by Bet’s dolls, I MISS her Etsy shop!)

I bought this little set of Beatrix Potter books….


all of them for a nickel this week!

What a FUN find!


And the rabbit paper dolls are actually wooden, made by my good friend Pat in Colorado. She’s always so sweet to give me a set when she makes them, usually for my birthday. I treasure them!


Have you put out a few pretty Spring bunnies to enjoy?

Happy Spring!

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Eagles at the pond!

I went to the Farmer’s market on Thursday morning and for us Floridians….it was COLD! The wind was blowing and it was in the 50s! lol So I bought my organic veggies and fresh bagels from the bakery and headed straight home! Well….I may need a bumper sticker that says, “I brake for birds!” lol


Because when I drove by the library pond, I saw a HUGE bird swooping down to the pond. I parked and got out and didn’t even notice how cold and windy it was! WHY you ask?


There were 6 large birds. I know 2 were Eagles and 1 was an Osprey. Not sure about what the others were.


They were flying at each other.


Soaring high overhead.


Well, except for the one fishing at the pond! lol


I got the best pics of him.


I think he’s a Juvenile…maybe a third year.


It was EXCITING! Oh and it warmed up into the 60s during the day which is still cooler than it has been lately but very very nice!


I’ll end with a beautiful American Kestrel that I saw on my last hike on the Florida trails. (hike #16)


Isn’t he a beauty?!!!

Have you seen anything exciting this week?

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Spring Green

We walked around Shalom Park with our cameras a few days ago and everything was Spring Green!


I love these photos taken at the pond!


And the flowers were blooming like crazy!


Most of these are Azaleas and Camellias.


They were gorgeous! And how about THIS green!


And I really shouldn’t ‘ruin my mosaic’ just to be silly.


But remember that game? What doesn’t belong?

See if you can guess!

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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Hiking the Florida Trails!

I love hiking this trail by myself. They were having the ribbon cutting ceremony at the other end of it the day I hiked. A young man talked to me about it…he was the ‘bike patrol’. I was the ONLY hiker that day. Everyone else was on a bike!


But it was so peaceful and beautiful! The woods are greening up now. And little birds and butterflies were flying by.


A dogwood blooming in the woods

I don’t stop a lot for picture taking on this trail because there aren’t as many photo ops. But I DID see a Pileated Woodpecker. And I’m going to show you EVERY photo I took of him. The first 6 are in this mosaic. Every time I clicked a pic….his head was IN the hole in the tree!


Finally I got TWO photos of his head!


This is the best one….


And I cropped it for you to see how beautiful he is!


So this was Hike #13 on the Florida Trails. It was 77 degrees when I finished my hike at 2 in the afternoon. PERFECT!

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I love books!

What can I say! I read like some people watch TV. I pick up my book when I sit down during the day. And then I always read for a couple of hours before I go to bed. It’s interesting and relaxing. I check out books from my library and read most of them on my iPad Pro.

I like to read mysteries….they are my favorite genre. But reading mysteries is a little tricky. You can get some very scary psychological thrillers and some story plots that are downright disturbing. So I decided to read a couple of OLD books featuring Sherlock Holmes.


I read The Seven Per-Cent Solution by Nicholas Meyer  and thoroughly enjoyed it. Easy to read….classic Sherlock Holmes.


Then I went back to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and read A Study in Scarlett. It seemed very slow and plodding to me but it was short and easy to read. Interesting to read the first book in the series and find out how Sherlock Holmes met Dr. Watson. I will read more of this series. I’ll just add one from time to time.

AND THEN….I read something that had GREAT reviews.


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes 

I don’t always care that much for a book that gets such great reviews with a cover that makes it look ‘chick lit’! But I was surprised! It really is THAT good! I won’t divulge any many details. It has lots of sad parts but it’s SO worth the read. I’m reading the next one in the series, After You and it doesn’t have as many good reviews but I’m going to ‘find out what happened next’. I fell in love with the main character in this series.

Don’t laugh….hubby came around the corner and caught me with 2 IPADS open and my phone in my hand.


So what’s on your nightstand?

Any mysteries you would like to recommend? I need a good ‘who done it’!

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Monday, February 26, 2018

It Feels like Spring!

Or maybe even summertime! We’ve had lots of temps in the 80s already and decided to get in a morning hike over the weekend while it was still nice. (It was 80 when we finished at 11 am!)

We haven’t had the Spring showers yet but there are pretty wildflowers popping up everywhere.


Hubby and I both took flower photos on hike #12 at Blue Run Park in Dunnellon.

I’ve learned over the years to recognize the Yellow Jessamine that we see growing in vines along the trail.


But I’m not sure what this lily type flower is that’s growing in the swamp. It reminds me of a Spider Lily.


The Yellow Pond Lily has the huge leaves lying on top of the water with large yellow buds.


I recognize the bright blue flower as Spiderwort. 


I’m not sure about some of the other wildflowers but they are beautiful!

And now I have to ask for your advice.

And you have to TELL ME THE TRUTH!!!


Should I wear this flower cap? Am I brave enough?

I got it at the Farmer’s Market and I’m just not sure it is ME!

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