Monday, September 26, 2016

Let the FUN begin! Ocala Flying Model Club

We drove out to the Ocala Flying Model Club one Sunday afternoon and had such fun watching the planes fly!


The airplanes are all beautiful and it looks like a fun hobby for any age.


It was just amazing to sit on the bench and enjoy the variety of planes.


This was my favorite and it flew like a jet plane!

I’m surprised I got any of the airplanes in my photos.


They were moving so fast!

The drones were neat to watch too!


(I think I’ll put one on my ‘wish list’!)

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Need Help with Identification!

We see a variety of birds here in Florida and we are fortunate to see many just passing through.


But I think the hardest ID is with juveniles.

This is probably a juvenile hawk. Is that what my birders think? And what kind of hawk?


It stopped in the pine tree behind our house so we hubby had time to zoom in AND focus!


You can see when he turns his head, how dark it is!


Thanks for these AMAZING photos Mr. L D !


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Friday, September 23, 2016

Autumn Dreams

I love the start of a new season!

And it seems like Fall is a favorite among bloggers.


Wooly Mullein taken at the pond this week.

There are so many posts with beautiful photos, poems and inspiration.


So I took an old photo taken in the mountains of NC to make a banner.

Google Logo

And hubby sent me this ‘google doodle.’

And I decorated this little rack in my kitchen.


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It’s still hot here in Florida…

but I’m Autumn dreamin’!

What are you doing to start the Fall season?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cool down at ‘Rainbow Springs State Park’

Lots of people love to swim in Rainbow Springs.


According to the official website HERE

“Archaeological evidence indicates that people have been using this spring for nearly 10,000 years.”

And a note from the park manager, “Summer is here! No time is better to see the true beauty of Rainbow Springs State Park than this time of the year. With the trees all in bloom, the bright green leaves emerged from their winter dormancy, and the songbirds and butterflies enjoying the warm sunny days, park visitors can enjoy all the colors of the rainbow both in and out of the 72 degree water. Before the sweltering heat of summer, come enjoy a stroll through our historic azalea gardens as you pass trickling waterfalls on your way to the butterfly garden and hiking trails, or take a refreshing swim over the deep blue water of the headspring where the Rainbow River emerges from the rock beneath our feet.”


It’s a popular place to swim year round!


But today, let’s stay on the trail.


Because you never know what you’ll see!


Hey!!! It’s Florida!


But one thing for sure…


you’ll see some beautiful fences


and crystal clear water!


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Monday, September 19, 2016

“The Crown Hotel” Inverness Florida

Oh how I love to photograph old buildings like this one with so much character.


And being able to research the history online is wonderful!


I even found a blog HERE with photos and lots of information. I thought this was interesting…

“Hotel's Origins A Mystery

By Jorge Sanchez

Citrus County Bureau

INVERNESS – If wall could speak, then perhaps the shroud of mystery surrounding the Colonial Hotel in downtown Inverness would be unveiled to reveal the true age and origin on one of the county’s oldest and least-understood landmarks.

There are no registered blueprints for the aged wooden structure. County records trail off near the turn of the century, after chronicling a half-dozen ownership changes. Some people who bought the hotel kept it for nearly 60 years, others sold it after 11 months.”

“The Crown Hotel has a long and time-honored history in Inverness. Originally called the Orange Hotel, the building was constructed in the early 1920s, according to Inverness city clerk Marilyn Jordan.”


I could spend hours on this blog learning about the old Crown Hotel.  Now it is an Assisted Living Facility.


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Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Walk around the Neighborhood…Updated at the end!!!

When I walk around the neighborhood, I don’t usually carry my camera. But on one hot and humid evening, I took it and just walked to the little pond near our house.


Evening light is not the best for getting good focus.


But it does look beautiful at this time of day.

And you know me…I have a vivid imagination.

So don’t you imagine these ducks are saying,


Should we turn our back on that water creature?


Do you think it’s a sea monster?

Well, whatever…


let’s get the ‘hey’ out of here!


I had a lot of questions about WHAT that ‘thing’ was in the water! But I had one very observant blog buddy that recognized it right away!

“I have a vivid imagination too, and I'm wondering how you got that pile of grassy wet weeds to stay on top of your head when you crept into the water?! Wendy ;)”


(we’re just kidding for anyone else that wonders! I think it’s an old rotten log with grass on top but then again…use your imagination!!!)

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

We need a fence RIGHT HERE!

Oh yea?


Well, you’ll just have to go around!


Aren’t these palm trees gorgeous at the Government buildings in Inverness, FL?


And just for fun…


we saw these across the street!


Need an alligator for your lawn?


They have one!

Now back to the fences! lol


And the Palms!

I love Florida!


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Monday, September 12, 2016

Fairmeadow Sheep Farm

Imagine our surprise when we took a ride on a backroad we had never traveled on before and saw this!


Yes, this is Florida!


But I felt like I had traveled to another country and maybe even another time in history.


What beauty!


We had a good place to pull over and I stood there looking at these amazing sheep.


And a few ‘sheep dogs’!


I did a search online and found out this was the Fairmeadow Sheep Farm (we had seen the sign) and these are Katahdin sheep. There’s lots of great info on their website HERE.


It was a beautiful day and an amazing sight.


Drive those backroads and be prepared for surprises!


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